In 2013, Miguel and Michelle founded MK ME Design, LLC. Their mission is to inspire young people in the field of arts and literature, create a community of artists around the world, encourage preservation awareness of cultural arts, and educate everyone the importance of arts and literature. Their ongoing creative services include pastel portrait sketching, painting,  digital illustration, graphic design, animation, and mural design. 
Michelle Erin Dominado | Co-Founder
Michelle is an animator, illustrator and painter. Michelle graduated with a degree in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts. She's interested in visual storytelling and making art accessible by incorporating diversity and inclusion in her projects. 
Miguel Karlo Dominado | Co-Founder
Miguel is an illustrator and portrait artist. Growing up from a military family, Miguel's family was stationed in Japan and Italy in the early years and was inspired by traditional and pop culture art, manga, and films. He graduated with a degree in Drawing and Design from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Miguel is an advocate in educating about his Filipino-American experience through his creative works and imaginative worlds and characters.